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Putting in the time & effort

Potential students frequently want to know how long it takes to be "good" at aikido. It's not a one-size-fits-all question for the most part. But if they train two to three days a week on a regular basis, I tell them they'll feel pretty comfortable after a year. A year! That long? Well, it's really not long at all. Time passes quickly with regular practice. Incremental improvements are often not noticed by a student. They are, however, seen by the instructor. Yep, it's a journey, maybe a lifetime journey if you love what you're doing. And if you keep at it, how long until the first black belt test? Five to six years. And shodan, first degree black belt, is considered a serious beginner. Did you know that a 4th degree black belt is still considered a beginner? Doesn't matter what your rank is, always be a beginner. Then you'll continue to get better. Start your journey. See you on the mat.


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