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Getting Back on the Mat

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Many people study martial arts when they're young. But over time, life happens. School, job or family, for example. Suddenly, it's ten, twenty, thirty years later. However, fond memories of training linger, along with some regret for having stopped. They're older now. Their bodies may not be as flexible or thin as they once were, but they have the desire to get back on the mat.

The biggest obstacle to putting on a gi again is fear. People may think that since they can't move as well as they did years ago, or because there are some gray hairs, that it's pointless. Would they make a fool of themselves? Would they get hurt? Would strangers accept them? These are common thoughts of the potential older student and they can easily hold sway in their decision.

It's important, therefore, to offer a welcoming atmosphere. To explain what to expect and and give assurances their safety is a top priority. Watch a class. Take a free class. Ask questions. Watch how the sensei and students interact. Is there mutual respect? Are the classes not only educational, but fun? Do classes train the body and stimulate the mind?

Aikido is a beautiful martial art. There are no winners or losers on the mat because everyone helps each other to succeed. It is not a zero sum game. One does not have to lose for another to gain. Pay us a visit. Get bcck on the mat. Make some new friends.


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